Dental Clinic Visits

Now what’s that? First of all it’s free. Secondly it's mainly for kids. Most often we have seen that kids are brought to Dental clinics only when they have some dental problem and they are mostly in pain or under pressure to go & get the treatment. This leads to a traumatic image of dentist in their mind. Some of us even being an adult now, are living with the same image. So it's an attempt to change the image which is a big hurdle in visiting dentists and thus maintaining proper oral health. Just fix an appointment and get your kid a dental clinic visit with no bad memories. We will have a friendly interaction, dental health awareness and demo on proper brushing technique.

Routine Checkups

Yes! 6 monthly checkups are mandatory as you will come to notice any dental problem only when its too late and there has been a lot of damage to the tooth. So stick to the six monthly checkups. As compared to the pain and cost of treatment later, the routine checkup can be sometime just one tenth of that cost and it takes merely 15 -20 minutes 


Scaling & Polishing

Due to various activities like eating different foods, smoking, tobacco chewing or improper oral care there can be stains on the teeth or else there can be deposits on the internal side of teeth. Although they won't cause pain. But will slowly damage your gums. These stains promote the deposits which then pushes gums away from the tooth loosening it. All this leads to swollen bleeding gums, loose teeth and bad breath. Procedure like scaling (superficial as well as deep scaling and root planing) can help you maintain a refreshing pearly white smile and firm teeth.

Dental Fillings

Noticed that Black Spot. Your tongue can sense that hole where food is often stuck. Get it treated with Dental Filling before it extends for a more complex and costly treatment. A cavity which is ignored will sooner require a more elaborate procedure like Root Canal Treatment. In worst cases extraction also. We offer All kind of Dental Filling. Of course the best ones are tooth colored. 


Root Canal Treatment

Grossly Carious tooth can be saved. Yes ! Root Canal Treatment can save a tooth with deep cavities. The Roots of such tooth are cleaned and filled with inert material. The crown is restored and you are good to go!


Well at times a tooth needs to be pulled out. It may be damaged badly beyond repair, or it might by causing more trouble to other teeth (like wisdom teeth) or it might be a deciduous tooth anyways destined to be replaced. We perform such extractions under anesthesia, almost painlessly.


Crown (Caps) & Bridges

When the upper portion of tooth is badly damaged (usually after Root Canal Treatment, or badly various teeth or May be malformed teeth) the tooth crown in question is Reduced in size by carefully grinding from all directions and a hollow crown (made specifically by a Dental laboratory from tooth like material for your tooth only) is fixed over it using special adhesives. In case two or more crowns are joined together it's called a bridge.  Bridges are usually made to replace the missing tooth by taking support from adjacent tooth.


These are kind of Metallic support directly placed in your jaw bone. The new replacement teeth sits on this support. Looks and Feels exactly like the natural teeth. Also helps in reducing the Bone loss. Ideal method of replacing lost teeth in young individuals.



Well what is lost is lost. But there is always a replacement. Enjoy the life like teeth experience with the Complete Dentures. Good on functionality and beautiful in aesthetics. Be young once again...Dentures can also be supported on implants making it much easier to use.

Dental Check-up Camps

The dentist dental clinic organises various community dental check-up camps in the near vicinity of the clinic at residential colonies and institutes. Main motive is to educate and make the general population aware about dental health. Should you want to get a dental check-up camp organised in your area do let us know. At times we do participate with paediatric specialist and other medical specialities to conduct comprehensive on site check-up for institutions like schools or play ways etc. Because we believe prevention is better than cure. That’s the holistic approach.