Once in 6 months…until its too late…

I don’t have any problem in my teeth. My teeth never hurt. Why should I go for a regular dental check-up?

Most of us visit The Dentist only when there is visible problem or tooth aches. It seems right also, why to visit The Dentist if you are not having any problem as such.

But the problem in case of teeth is “it’s too late by the time, the problem becomes noticeable.”

We came across such a case a few weeks ago.

A young patient visited us with complains of mobility & pain wrt Molar in Lower Jaw (#46). As per history the tooth is RC treated 15 years ago, and had a Crown (PFM) on the Tooth as well. In a recent instance during chewing patient noticed a snapping sound and the tooth became mobile. Upon examination the tooth was mobile and there were deep pockets on both Lingual and Buccal side.

A curettage was done but even after a few days there was not much relief from the mobility. So an X-Ray was done. And what we discovered was “it’s too late by the time, the problem becomes noticeable.” The tooth was showing fracture line at the lower border of Crown. Apparently caries has weakened the tooth structure under crown and it fractured under load.

Over the past few years there was carious lesions developing from the interdental spaces. Tooth structure under the Crown started decaying due to caries and became weaker. On the fateful day the patient chewed something and the remaining tooth structure couldn’t take the load and fractured.

The advancing long standing caries also caused deep pockets around the Tooth.

This could have been prevented upon regular dental health check-up visits.

THE DENTIST dental clinic recommends mandatory Six Monthly Dental Checkups.

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