Win Over Fear of Dentist & Dental Treatment…

The Dentist…

Is it synonymous with fear? Yes! to many of us it is? But why?

Because most likely as children (and yes as adults too !!!) our first visit to dentist was when we had some dental problem and a toothache.

The problem is with the adults. As parents we never take our kids to Dentist for a routine Dental Checkup (and adults also refrain from the same until it hurts) so that they can be familiar with the Dentist and dental treatments.

Usually with modern Anesthetic Agents and techniques 90% of treatments are not painful. It’s the fear within which amplifies whatsoever pain there is.

But we take our kids to Dentist only when they are already in pain. Either the teeth are decayed and hurting or primary (deciduous) teeth are falling out as a normal consequence. To this adds up the pressure to get the treatment in the same visit. Sometimes Dentist and Dental Treatment is used as a fear to force children to follow the correct dental habits. Whereas the intent is right but the means are not. This leads to a fear within the kid that too for the Dentist and Dental Treatment.

Hence it is advisable to undergo regular routine dental checkups for yourself and most importantly your kids too. This will let them imbibe good dental habits and in turn you will save a lot of time in their dental visits and money too (as there will be less visits, yes definitely there will be less visits).

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