You are always welcome to visit us at our clinic and get your queries resolved One to One after examination. You can also speak to us on the mobile numbers provided in the website. Till then for most common worries/questions you can go through the FAQ section below.

I don’t have any problem in my teeth why should I visit THE DENTIST?

90% of people thinking the same thought have some kind of Dental Disease progressing in their mouth. Absence of pain merely is not an indication of dental health. Most of the dental problems are silent killers i.e. they keep on progressing until unless a large portion of tooth is destroyed. A timely dental check-up lets THE DENTIST to deeply examine every nook and corner of your teeth to find any such problems. Moreover the issue can be caught and resolved while it’s still small. This in turn saves our time, suffering and of course the money.

I Brush my teeth vigorously I shouldn’t be having any caries?

Do you know St. Kabir? He once said “rasri aavat jaat te sil pe parat nisaan.” i.e. repeated strokes of a rope leaves cutting marks on stone of the boundary wall of well. Similarly enamel being the hardest material in human body (we use diamond coated drill bits to cut through!) and the same is cut away by a soft plastic in tooth brush (Nylon) by wrong brushing methods. It’s not the force or speed, it’s the technique of tooth brushing. Visit THE DENTIST for a correct demo of tooth brushing.

Will it hurt during Dental treatment?

With the advances in anaesthesia and anaesthetic medicine now a day’s all dental procedures are painless. There might be an initial stinging sensation when the anaesthesia is given but that also is managed by using a numbing spray. So technically dentistry and Dental treatments are painless even the extractions.

Though you may have pain in case you don’t visit the dentist regularly and if there is infection in your teeth there are chances that anaesthesia may not work until the infection is treated by medications.


This tooth is hurting let’s get it removed?

Permanent tooth never grows back. And you eat daily at least three times so you will need those set of teeth for rest of your life to chew properly. Even if a single tooth is removed from one jaw the corresponding opposite tooth become useless because it has nothing to strike against and chew. Tooth extraction is the last thing that we think of at THE DENTIST. All efforts are made to preserve the natural tooth because there is nothing like a healthy permanent tooth.

Dental fillings are for life time?

A good permanent dental filling (depending upon the material) should last around 7 to 10 years. In case a filling is loose or dislodged you should get it replaced immediately as there would be caries developing under a loose or fractured restoration or filling.

Dental extraction causes weakening of Eye Sight?

Eye sight and teeth are independent of each other. There is no connection between wrt the question. However this thinking might have arisen from the fact that people usually lose all their teeth in old age and by that time eyes also lose some of the vision power owing to general aging process. There is no other relation


Milk Teeth or Deciduous teeth are not important, any ways they will be replaced by the Permanent teeth so if they are carious let it be or extract them?

Milk Teeth or Deciduous teeth are very important because they let the child eat properly. Moreover they maintain the space in the jaw so there is enough space for bigger permanent teeth to accommodate. Untimely removal or loss of these Milk or Deciduous teeth may lead to problem in dental occlusion later. Get all caries of Milk Teeth or Deciduous teeth treated in time.

Scaling weakens the Tooth? Tooth become mobile after scaling?

Yes scaling may cause loosening of teeth but it is so because they were being held together by the CALCULUS and not the GUMS. Slowly over many months Calculus has taken up the space of Gums by pushing gums down and replacing the space. It’s the removal of this calculus that feels like weakening of teeth roots. This can be resolved by gentle message on gums after scaling for 15-20 days. Scaling helps in removing the calculus deposits and thus gives an opportunity to gum to grow back and attach to tooth structure.