The Dentist. Simply the dentist.

We are a group of dental and management professionals operating a Dental Clinic by the name of “The Dentist”.

As the name suggests its a simple straight forward dental practice. The clinic is located Near Mata Mansa Devi Mandir, adjacent to Shivalik City Gate no. 9, Sector 126, Greater Mohali. The Dentist has Neighboring areas like Shivalik City, KSB, SBP-2, SBP-3, Acme Heights, Raman Encalve, Shimla Apartments, Swaraj Enclave, Motiyaz Royal to name a few.

The aim of setting up a dental clinic in this locality is to provide easy and neighborhood access to Quality Dental Services to the resident population of surrounding area.

The availability of quality dental treatment adjacent to your residence shall be a boon.

In today’s fast moving metro life no body has enough time to take care of health. Moreover the teeth are the last ones to be taken care of or unless its hurting.

It is easy and convenient to have a dental checkup or repeated appointments for lengthy treatments and one doesn’t need to plan a special trip or take a leave for the same .

The neighborhood clinic comes as a boon for cute little patients (the kids) as it doesn’t affect the parents schedule or kids school.

So we are “The Dentist” aka “Dentist near me”…